The Importance of Ear Protection For Indoor Shooting Ranges

The Importance of Ear Protection For Indoor Shooting Ranges

Lots of people across the world, especially in the United States have some sort of gun that they own. Of course, a big downside to this is that they can be used for the wrong reasons, and this is something that should be highlighted more. For this reason you should always brush up on your gun safety practices and always make sure you have your gun stored correctly. There are lots of accidents involving firearms each year where the person purchased a gun for self-defence purposes. This like anything else is always going to have problems with concept, and people will use them for the wrong reasons. Enough of all the doom and gloom though.

Lots of people just love going to special shooting ranges to do a bit of practice. There’s thousands of shooting ranges all across the US, so finding one local to you should not be a problem. Just have a quick browse online and find out all the information you need. You can get both indoor and outdoor ranges, with both being about as popular as the other. When it comes to indoor ranges there are specific pieces of equipment you will need. Obviously the range should be setup and checked over by an expert to make sure everything is safe. Then you obviously need a firearm to actually shoot with, you can hire a range of different weapons depending on what range you go to. Some may even allow you to bring along your own gun as an option. One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need especially if it’s an indoor range is hearing protectors.

Ear protection is vital indoors as there is nowhere for the sound to escape, and the noise of the gun up close is very loud. In fact, the noise is more than enough to penetrate your ear drum and leave your hearing permanently damaged. With the proper ear protection you can shoot away all day and not have any problems, but you really need to invest in a quality pair of ear protectors for indoor shooting. There’s plenty of great review sites out there that has reviews and information on what you need to look out for. The general price for them is pretty cheap and is usually more than worth what you pay for them. Some indoor ranges provide their own protection for a hire cost, this is usually recommended as they know what they are doing.

The underlining fact is though, that if you’re going to be firing guns indoor regardless of the type of firearm it is, you WILL have to protect your ears properly. Lots of people suffer hearing loss as a result of not using the right protection.

Dash Cams – All You Need To Know

Dash cams have become a modern day revelation all over the world. Nearly anywhere you go where there is vehicles you will see dash cams present. Some countries are ahead of others when it comes to their usage, but most are starting to come round to an all dash cam motoring world.

Dash Car Cameras

These devices come in all different shapes and sizes, and are usually attached behind your rear view mirror in your car or vehicle. They are also used quite commonly these days in the uk for lorries and HGVs. They are ideal for any companies looking to keep an eye on their employees that drive long distances, and protect their fleet of vehicles. Taxis are also taking more notice of the use of dash cams, and are installing them into their cabs to cover and protect them from any problems that passengers may cause.

The most common use of a dashboard camera is obviously in your car, with millions of drivers already using one. They have a wide range of features on them that may or may not be of any use depending on circumstances. Typically they all come with a built in G-Sensor and loop recording as standard, but some models come with extra features such as Wi-Fi, GPS etc. Some even come with cool features such as speed camera tracking, lane departure warnings, it really depends on what your needs are. For a full list of the features you can expect from a dash cam check out, as they have a guide to the features to consider before you buy one. The site also has reviews of the best rated dash cams in the uk today, which will save you the time of hunting around the web for reviews.

Why are dashboard cameras becoming such a hit with motorists globally? Well they have a lot of advantages to them such as:

  1. Protecting your innocence in a crash – The big one. Many motorists these days will lie and try and shift the blame in the case of a crash if they feel they can get away with it. But with a dash cam you don’t have to waste your time pleading your innocence, just hand in the footage to the police and/or your insurance company.
  2. Stop cash for crash scams – With more and more of these illegal incidents occurring, you need to have a way of protecting yourself. Before the use of dash cams people were getting away with it very easily, but now dash cams are around there’s no reason to get caught out.
  3. Car insurance discount – Car insurers in the uk are shifting towards encouraging more people to install a dash cam in their cars, as the footage can ultimately be used to show liability in an accident.
  4. Can improve your overall driving standard – Recording your journeys and drives is a great thing. You can watch your driving back on a playback and have a 3rd eye asses your driving standard, giving you feedback on where you can improve.

Dash Cam footage

footage from a roadhawk dash cam

The uses for car dash cams go on, sometimes it’s just nice to record a nice little scenic route you and your family went on to show your friends. Whatever the reason you decide to get one for, surely it’s got to be more advantageous than not having one installed?

When fitting a dashboard cam, you can either run the power cable along the car to the cigarette lighter socket, or, if you prefer are more permanent no cable solution, you can go the hardwire method and have it wired directly to your car. Either way make sure you check out the dash cam review of any model you are considering purchasing first.

Drive safe!

Is volleyball a good sport to lose Weight

Fitness is a major concern among all of us today. People love to shed the extra flesh and flaunt their beautiful skinny avatar. Outdoor games involve a lot of running and racing which eventually helps in weight reduction. Volley ball is an outdoor and indoor game which mainly involves exercising of body and arms that helps in the drastic loss of weight.

Volleyball Weight Loss

Indoor volley ball may not be very helpful in the process of weight reduction but outdoor and beach volley balls can tone you well. Here are the different types of volleyball games that helps in weight reduction and staying fit. No matter where you play the sport, be sure to invest the a pair of best rated volleyball shoes which will protect your feet.

·         Beach Volley ball

Beach Volley ball is played on sand along the beaches which classifies it as an outdoor sport. Beach volley ball was first played in the year 1915 and each team consists of just 2 players. Owing to the larger space in beaches and less number of players involved, beach volleyball involved intense running and exercising. This intensity is well reflected in weight loss. According to researches a person of 155 lb burns approximately 596 calories in every hour.

·         Recreational or Indoor Volley Ball

Not all volleyball games are competitive and played outdoors. The indoor or recreational volley ball games played are usually for fun to create entertainment at picnics and parties. These games can be easily by all with a few namesake rules. However these games do not require skill and hence leads to lesser competition. The intensity of exercising during the game also reduces greatly as compared to a game of beach volley ball. Hence people burn only a few calories such that a person weighing 155 lb can shed only 224 calories every hour during an indoor volley ball game.


The game of volley ball can thus be played both indoors and outdoors. It is important to note that indoor volley balls is only for recreation and entertainment purpose which can be generally enjoyed at parties or picnics and they do not contribute to much weight reduction. Outdoor or beach volleyballs are of great significance from the aspect of weight reduction. The calories burnt in beach volleyball are equivalent to the calories burnt by rock climber or swimmers. Competitive games helpto intensify the game and thus motivate the players to exercise well to keep up the spirit of the game.

The Final Say

Volley Ball is renowned sports of recent times that can be played by many players and in both indoor and outdoor locations. However if you want to play it from the perspective of weight reduction it is important to opt outdoor volleyball or beach volley ball. Beach volley balls are certainly a good option to lose weight owing to the physical exercise involved in the game.

The intensity and competitiveness of the matches decide the amount of physical exercise and exertion each player undergoes during the game which eventually leads to weight loss. Choose your game effectively and enjoy this amazing way of weight reduction.

How to watch movies the smart way

We all usually watch our favorite movies in a theater near us or at times in our television or computers. However, every method has some disadvantages and poses some inconvenience in front of us. An app called Megabox negates all these disadvantages and makes it completely convenient for us to watch any movie at any time. This is probably the smartest way to watch a movie and most of the people will switch over to the app in the future. The process of getting this app is extremely simple. You can download megabox hd app and install it through the steps listed below.


Download this App for Android

If you want to watch movies on the go, you need to download the app for your smartphone. Below are the steps you can follow to get it on your Android phone.

  • Download the APK file of the app from the official site of Movie Box.
  • After you download the file, you need to open it on your phone and choose to install it.
  • The installation process is quick and will happen almost instantaneously.
  • After the installation is done, the app is all yours to use. However, you need to be connected to internet in order to use the app to browse and stream movies online.

Download this App for iOS/PC

The app is also available for iOS as well as PC. For iOS, you just need to visit Moviebox for iOS and carry out the installation process in a similar way like you would do for any other third party app. Your phone will also ask you to Trust the developer which you need to agree on. The interface and usage of the app in iOS is similar to Android. If you need the app for PC, simply select the Windows or Mac version on the site and download it directly. Make sure that you are on the official site and not falling a trap to fake sites.

Watching movies the smart way

Once you have the app, you can now watch movies like never before. This is probably the smartest way through which you can stream movies online. If you are connected to the internet, nothing will come in your way to enjoy it seamlessly. Even browsing movies is a lot simpler in the app and you have the ability to watch any movie of your choice from a huge collection. This is simply not possible in a theater or even our television.

The Last Words

With an app like Movie Box creating a simpler way for movie lovers to watch their favorite movies at their comfort, we all will be inclined towards using it in the future. Along with saving time and money, we get the leisure of watching any movie we want and possibly anywhere we like. This is one of the major advantages of the app and constitutes what we call watching movies the smart way. If you feel that you need an app to stream movies online without any hassles, this app is probably made for you.