Dash Cams – All You Need To Know

Dash cams have become a modern day revelation all over the world. Nearly anywhere you go where there is vehicles you will see dash cams present. Some countries are ahead of others when it comes to their usage, but most are starting to come round to an all dash cam motoring world.

Dash Car Cameras

These devices come in all different shapes and sizes, and are usually attached behind your rear view mirror in your car or vehicle. They are also used quite commonly these days in the uk for lorries and HGVs. They are ideal for any companies looking to keep an eye on their employees that drive long distances, and protect their fleet of vehicles. Taxis are also taking more notice of the use of dash cams, and are installing them into their cabs to cover and protect them from any problems that passengers may cause.

The most common use of a dashboard camera is obviously in your car, with millions of drivers already using one. They have a wide range of features on them that may or may not be of any use depending on circumstances. Typically they all come with a built in G-Sensor and loop recording as standard, but some models come with extra features such as Wi-Fi, GPS etc. Some even come with cool features such as speed camera tracking, lane departure warnings, it really depends on what your needs are. For a full list of the features you can expect from a dash cam check out cardashcamreviews.com, as they have a guide to the features to consider before you buy one. The site also has reviews of the best rated dash cams in the uk today, which will save you the time of hunting around the web for reviews.

Why are dashboard cameras becoming such a hit with motorists globally? Well they have a lot of advantages to them such as:

  1. Protecting your innocence in a crash – The big one. Many motorists these days will lie and try and shift the blame in the case of a crash if they feel they can get away with it. But with a dash cam you don’t have to waste your time pleading your innocence, just hand in the footage to the police and/or your insurance company.
  2. Stop cash for crash scams – With more and more of these illegal incidents occurring, you need to have a way of protecting yourself. Before the use of dash cams people were getting away with it very easily, but now dash cams are around there’s no reason to get caught out.
  3. Car insurance discount – Car insurers in the uk are shifting towards encouraging more people to install a dash cam in their cars, as the footage can ultimately be used to show liability in an accident.
  4. Can improve your overall driving standard – Recording your journeys and drives is a great thing. You can watch your driving back on a playback and have a 3rd eye asses your driving standard, giving you feedback on where you can improve.

Dash Cam footage

footage from a roadhawk dash cam

The uses for car dash cams go on, sometimes it’s just nice to record a nice little scenic route you and your family went on to show your friends. Whatever the reason you decide to get one for, surely it’s got to be more advantageous than not having one installed?

When fitting a dashboard cam, you can either run the power cable along the car to the cigarette lighter socket, or, if you prefer are more permanent no cable solution, you can go the hardwire method and have it wired directly to your car. Either way make sure you check out the dash cam review of any model you are considering purchasing first.

Drive safe!