Is volleyball a good sport to lose Weight

Fitness is a major concern among all of us today. People love to shed the extra flesh and flaunt their beautiful skinny avatar. Outdoor games involve a lot of running and racing which eventually helps in weight reduction. Volley ball is an outdoor and indoor game which mainly involves exercising of body and arms that helps in the drastic loss of weight.

Volleyball Weight Loss

Indoor volley ball may not be very helpful in the process of weight reduction but outdoor and beach volley balls can tone you well. Here are the different types of volleyball games that helps in weight reduction and staying fit. No matter where you play the sport, be sure to invest the a pair of best rated volleyball shoes which will protect your feet.

·         Beach Volley ball

Beach Volley ball is played on sand along the beaches which classifies it as an outdoor sport. Beach volley ball was first played in the year 1915 and each team consists of just 2 players. Owing to the larger space in beaches and less number of players involved, beach volleyball involved intense running and exercising. This intensity is well reflected in weight loss. According to researches a person of 155 lb burns approximately 596 calories in every hour.

·         Recreational or Indoor Volley Ball

Not all volleyball games are competitive and played outdoors. The indoor or recreational volley ball games played are usually for fun to create entertainment at picnics and parties. These games can be easily by all with a few namesake rules. However these games do not require skill and hence leads to lesser competition. The intensity of exercising during the game also reduces greatly as compared to a game of beach volley ball. Hence people burn only a few calories such that a person weighing 155 lb can shed only 224 calories every hour during an indoor volley ball game.


The game of volley ball can thus be played both indoors and outdoors. It is important to note that indoor volley balls is only for recreation and entertainment purpose which can be generally enjoyed at parties or picnics and they do not contribute to much weight reduction. Outdoor or beach volleyballs are of great significance from the aspect of weight reduction. The calories burnt in beach volleyball are equivalent to the calories burnt by rock climber or swimmers. Competitive games helpto intensify the game and thus motivate the players to exercise well to keep up the spirit of the game.

The Final Say

Volley Ball is renowned sports of recent times that can be played by many players and in both indoor and outdoor locations. However if you want to play it from the perspective of weight reduction it is important to opt outdoor volleyball or beach volley ball. Beach volley balls are certainly a good option to lose weight owing to the physical exercise involved in the game.

The intensity and competitiveness of the matches decide the amount of physical exercise and exertion each player undergoes during the game which eventually leads to weight loss. Choose your game effectively and enjoy this amazing way of weight reduction.